Dara Ebbott

Dara Ebbott

Senior Travel Consultant

Dara heads up Dragoman's office in Melbourne, Australia. Having travelled all over the world and worked as a travel consultant at Dragoman HQ in the UK, she has now returned to her roots and is assisting our clients in Australia and New Zealand to book their tours. 

What is your favourite destination?

South America has been my favourite destination so far. I found it was just packed full of adventurous activities, amazing food, amazing people and there is just such a diversity in the landscapes from snow, to beautiful green hills, massive mountains, sand dunes and beautiful beaches and lakes.

What has been the most surprising destination you've been to?

Turkey would be the most surprising destination as I didn't know much about it before I went there, I didn't even know Gallipoli was in Turkey! I explored the West side of Turkey and got to see so many amazing places such as the natural salt pools in Pamukkale, the Fairy rock formations in Cappadocia, the ruins of the city of Troy and my favourite building in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia.

What has been your favourite or most memorable occasion whilst travelling?

My most memorable occasion would be when I completed my first ever big climb to 3,700m up Mount Rinjani in Indonesia. It was a hike that you had to start at 2am to make it to the top for sunrise but it was hiking up a volcano so the ground was just all rocks that would slide down with every step in the pitch black of the early morning. It was the hardest thing I have had to do physically and mentally to motivate myself to get there by sunrise but definitely an unforgettable experience!

Where is the next destination on your list?

My future plans are to do some short trips around Europe and I next plan to go to either Iceland to see the northern lights or have an explore around Venice.