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Nature abounds in the USA & Canada

The continent of North America is often overlooked by adventure travellers searching for unusual destinations, but there are so many reasons to put USA and Canada much higher up the list!

The western side of North America is an outdoor lover's paradise - the desolate scenery of the mountains and glaciers of Alaska and Canada is only rivalled by the haunting atmosphere of travelling through the region's remote roads and outposts. There's exhilarating white-water rafting available in the area, and the unforgettable moment of spotting the huge grizzly bears that the region is famous for.

From National Parks to deserts

The alpine National Parks of southern Canada and the deserts of western USA, through the states of Wyoming, Utah, and California, are equally spectacular and have some of the most incredible camping and trekking opportunities in the world.

Although an overland Dragoman trip to North America is wonderful in its own right, our journeys through North America naturally link up as part of a larger adventure to Central America, and can even be extended down through South America for an epic life-changing pilgrimage down all of the Americas.