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Our two week Chennai to Kolkata trip takes you off the usual tourist trail to visit the remote hill tribes of Odisha.  Far removed from the more exploitative tribal tours which have received negative publicity recently, our visits are carefully developed in an authentic and non-voyeuristic manner.  We work in conjunction with a local agent who is passionate about bringing people together and creating experiences that are founded on respect. These visits provide opportunities for travellers to engage with local communities by bridging boundaries and opening up communication between different cultures. The local agent also invests in the local infrastructure providing a much-needed supplementary income for these indigenous rural communities.

Anja at the New Hope Orphanage, Odisha

New Hope child showing around

As one of our longest-serving crew members in India, Anja, says “Our guide always went out to talk to the communities before taking any clients into the villages. Before we embarked on our visit we were given guidance on how to behave – such as not taking cameras out immediately but engaging in a dialogue first. We then walked through the fields which were being farmed by the tribespeople meaning that we could interact with them immediately rather than just arriving en masse in a community unannounced. The whole two day visit was a really lovely experience and everyone very much enjoyed it”.

Odisha scenary 2

Odisha scenary 5

Odisha tribal market

Tribal market

Tribal women

Tribal womanTribal woman 2


Tribal woman 4


Tribal woman 5


Tribal woman 6

Chilika lake campsite after Odisha tribal villages visit

Chilika Lake bush camp


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